It is ironic that amid the current consternation over plastic that the first synthetic plastic was developed in order to replace “natural ivory billiard balls” which were made from the tusks of elephants. Synthetic billiard balls no doubt saved the lives of countless elephants.

Eco-friendly material which resembles,” everyday plastic” and dissolves in water is quickly becoming the “new normal”. To dissolve this innovative material, water temperature must be at least 70°C. But what makes the material dissolve? How does it dissolve? The answer to these questions is polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). It is often used as the main ingredient for laundering, vitamin and pill gel caps and it is plant-based starch and therefore can be dissolved in hot water.

This is a Mother Earth pleasing and dream-like material that once dissolved in water is inert, can be used to water plants and is waterway friendly. No hot water?- simply compost it away in less than 90 days! There is no question that it is safe for humans, animals, and the environment.

Recently many alternative plastic products have been sold as a measure to fight ocean pollution but they were later reported to contain various amounts of alternative plastic products that actually increase the environmental load. It is no wonder why some people are skeptical and question new anti-plastic innovation.

Fact that plastic is low cost and convenient in our lives is undeniable. However, with plastic use quickly approaching 500 million tonnes a year, the continued reliance on plastic is not sustainable. No doubt that switching from all plastics now being used in a variety of applications to alternative plastics will not be easy. Embracing common sense change, one step at a time coupled with difficult, but small actions like purchasing and promoting this material will make a big impact on our environment and our futures.






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