Money transfer credit cards​. Our At All Times Bank Card

If you’d like cash directly into your bank account, our charge cards with cash transfers will give you that little bit of freedom whenever handling your cash.

0% introductory prices such as the people here are great, keep in mind you must spend at least the minimal repayment on time every month to keep them.

0% interest to our card on acquisitions and transfers for as much as 15 months

We might provide you with a 0% interest amount of 12 or 9 months alternatively based on your circumstances that are individual. Your borrowing limit and APR may vary and applications also are at the mercy of status.

Our Balance Transfer Bank Card. Enjoy 12 months without any interest to cover on cash transfers​

Your credit APR and limit can vary based on your position and applications are susceptible to status.

Cannot see the right card for you? There is more to pick from. Have a look at our range that is full of cards.

Make use of our credit that is handy card to sort out exactly how much a cash transfer may cost you and the length of time it could take to pay for it right back

Helpful tips about Charge Cards

What is a cash transfer charge card?

You can make use of a cash transfer bank card to pay for cash straight to your money, usually with a rate that is introductory of% interest ( plus a charge) for a group length of time. You need to use anyone to distribute the expense of one thing taken care of with money, you clear the card balance before the 0% period ends if you just make sure.

How can balance transfers work?

A stability transfer techniques credit debt from a card that charges an increased interest rate to a single that fees a lower life expectancy price.

By simply making a stability transfer, you can reduce the price of bank card debts as more of the repayments will head to decreasing the stability, in place of interest fees.

Charge card kinds

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Collect Tesco Clubcard points

Your bank card can also be your Clubcard, then when you may spend upon it you are going to collect your usual Clubcard points plus some additional people on top.

Making use of our charge card, for each and every £4 invested in Tesco you’ll accumulate 5 Clubcard points. That’s 1 Clubcard point for each and every £4 you may spend, along with your normal Clubcard points (1 Clubcard point for almost any £1 spent) in each purchase deal. Plus you’ll also collect 1 Clubcard point for every have a glimpse at the website £8 invested outside Tesco in each purchase transaction.

Having a Tesco Bank bank card, spending ВЈ4 filling up at Tesco (excluding Esso gas) gets you 5 Clubcard points – 1 Clubcard point for each and every ВЈ4 you may spend, as well as your normal Clubcard points at an advanced price of 1 Clubcard point per ВЈ1 invested (usually 1 Clubcard point for every spent that is ВЈ2 in each purchase transaction.

Clubcard points collection prices are susceptible to alter and you also should have credit that is available. Exclusions on gathering Clubcard points use, increase below to learn more.