I usually hear “sexuality is fluid, sexuality is fluid”. Does that produce me personally a freak?

Because i’ve simply no aspire to have sexual intercourse with a lady whatsoever. They cannot turn me in, i actually do maybe perhaps not jack down to females masturbating, etc. I will be certainly strictly dickly.

That said, a great amount of my brothers’ straight friends have actually attempted to rest out I was gay with me when they found. They tended become drunk when they attempted it though.

@JAW: That’s the difficulty whenever religions are incorporate about the sanctity of wedding. They dispose off your whole individual sex topics and hidden in a deep gap. Which is why relationship since defined by our culture is really bang up.

@DarkZephyr: No. It does not allow you to be a freak. It is usually a one means street by using these articles. Right guys secretly need d1ck, nevertheless the society that is eviln’t let them function as the d1ck loving “heteros” they are really.

We really believe it is hilarious we have been subjected to since birth and the added fact that ex-gay therapy has proven to be a damaging farce as well since we, as gay men, are highly resistant to the heterosexual conditioning.

Why some homosexual guys assert that guys can’t be 100% right no matter societal expections exactly like our company is 100% homosexual, is beyond me personally. Articles like this 1 are simply written to feed the dream some homosexual males have actually about right dudes.

In case the sexuality is fluid, you will be bisexual it doesn’t matter how you determine to label your self. “Bisexual” appears to be a word that is bad some however. I’ll never understand just why.

Jason smeds

It contains a fascinating quote which sums up a woman’s (and society’s) fear of men who can swing both ways if you read the Bible. To paraphrase, here it’s:

“Men turned far from females and alternatively burned within their lusts for men…it is just a sin, and such guys must be placed to death. ”

Easily put, the Bible forbade male switch-hitters under penalty of death. The homosexual work had been therefore forbidden but just within the context of males who are able to switch their intimate behavior between gents and ladies.

It really is a fascinating understanding of modern-day attitudes to males who are able to turn from females to guys or from males to females. Today’s mindset to men that are such somewhat enhanced from the time the Bible was written however it is nevertheless much more harsh than its to women who switch-hit.

Here’s another fascinating understanding: the first Bible would not forbid feminine activity that is homosexual. It just forbade male activity that is homosexual. The line about feminine homosexuality being sinful had been ADDED by translators whom translated the Bible some more than 100 years ago. They made it happen to avoid costs of hypocrisy and standards that are double.

Contemporary attitudes to male switch-hitters continue to be being dictated by ladies and their concern with male homosexual activity.


It’s just gay once you kiss.


@Virgo you’re a man that is bisexual relationship with another guy. You’re maybe perhaps maybe not homosexual and also by

Saint Law @jason smeds: how come Jim Bryant aka Micheal Mellor aka Jason Smeds carry on to your difficulty of changing their i.d.

If the content of their interminable articles is the most common psychotic females hatred?

You’ve been told before however it’s well worth repeating: the main reason no self-respecting male – gay or right – will touch your raddled old arse is certainly not because a female forbids it, but because yours could be the form of unsightly there isn’t any mistaking.

Seek help. Srsly.


@Saint Law: there is absolutely no assistance for the net troll; he feeds away from his or her own hi5 app free download presence. The Troll is most beneficial left festering inside the filth that is own to shrivel up and perish within the vast wide range of their insignificance. Your terms to him are but simple fuel to your fire–thus, i will suggest the way that is quickest to rid your self of their existence:

Usually Do Not Engage. Don’t Feed the Troll.


@alextranemi: @Virgo you’re a bisexual guy in relationship with another guy. You’re perhaps perhaps not gay and also by

Dude, I’m able to name down four psychologists including the main one we sleep with — and boat load of real bisexuals avove the age of 35 who all say I’m maybe not a genuine bisexual. I’m perhaps not the actual only real man from data from Dr. Hick’s test there are more like me than there are men who say they’re 100% gay like me and from the looks of it.

But go on and think what you would like to think. State what you would like to express. Simply 40 years back it had been “accepted knowledge” that homosexuality ended up being brought on by a submissive dad and a principal mom. Not merely is sex fluid but therefore is knowledge until you actually can say for certain every thing about every thing.